Saturday, 26 August 2017

A surprising disppointment - Ros 25mm ACW Figures

For a long time I have been seeking out the Ros 25mm American Civil War figures. I was sure that at least a Union and a Confederate advancing figure had been produced, but none could be found.  Well, as luck would have it, at last a pile of these figures have turned up as an ebay lot, mixed up with some Minifigs S Range Confederates. Although happy to find these figures at long last I was disappointed in the figure itself.  To my mind the top half is far too big for the legs. How this happened I cannot imagine as in the Napoleonic range, despite some ugly heads, the anatomy of the figures is usually quite good:

I wasn't sure the were Ros Figures at first, but close inspection of the base revealed the faint wording 'Ros' and it is just about possible to make out 'ACW 2'. I assume that' ACW 1' would be the Union figure.

I will continue to hunt for ACW 1, but if he is as bad as this fellow it will be purely for the records.

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