Wednesday, 16 August 2017

French Hussar

The last group of figures from the large hoard are French Hussars. Dressed in dolman and pelisse, with bell topped shakos these figures cover many different hussar regiments of the French Napoleonic army.  Once again, I believe these to be slightly later moulds giving a finer looking figure. I look forward to painting these.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

French Guard Lancers - Painted

Last night I finished off painting the French Guard Lancers, in the colours of the 2nd (Dutch) Regiment of the Imperial Guard. I think they scrubbed up quite well!

Sunday, 13 August 2017

French Guard Chasseurs a Cheval

The next figure from the 'hoard' is yet another new item from the range. This time it is a French Imperial Guard Chasseur a Cheval. This is another nice looking figure and I am guessing that it is a later production as the proportions and detail are better then other figures. The pose is pretty much standard for the Ros range and his horse is the same as that used for the French Guard Lancer:

Sunday, 6 August 2017

French Guard Lancers

Another pack of four figures from the hoard are these charming lancer figures.  These are yet another set that I had not seen before and they are mounted on a horse that is new to me as well. Like their line bretheren they have very tall thin and bendy lances, that have somehow survived the 40+ years since casting.

I will paint these figures in the coming weeks:

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Horse Artillery of the Imperial Guard

The second set from the recently acquired hoard is a five man French Guard Horse Artillery team. I think that t hese are little gems and in my view demonstrate a gradual improvement in the sculpting of this range. The head proportions appear better and overall I think this is one of the better Ros sets.

The set follows the standard five poses used in the Ros 25mm artillery teams; with an officer, a man with a lever, a man holding a rammer and two standing poses. There is also a gun, which is different to that used in the line artillery set. I am guessing that it is a 6 pdr piece as used by the horse artillery:

Saturday, 29 July 2017

French Empress Dragoon - from an eagle eyed friend!

To my surprise one afternoon I received an urgent email from an online friend - whom I shall call ' The Mysterious Goya', saying that a hoard of figures, that were almost certainly all Ros 25mm, had been spotted on a trade stand at a show. The figures were purchased on my behalf and turned up in the post a few days later. What a nice surprise when I opened the package. An excellent haul that included several cavalry figures and an artillery team that I had given up hope of ever finding. Indeed, I was not even sure that they had been manufactured.

I will post pictures as I examine them in more detail.

First up is an example from a group of four (they came in packs of four cavalry) French Empress Dragoons of the Guard. I am assuming that these are guard dragoons (as opposed to line dragoons) by the lanyards and cords depicted on the right shoulder and the chaperons doubles on the saddle. In fact this is a horse that I have not seen before either, which is marked N7, Ros 1976.