Thursday, 30 April 2015

Line Infantry Grenadiers

These figures from Ros represent the Grenadier companies found within a French line infantry battalion. These are completely different castings to the fusiliers, and while not perfect are a much better model, in my opinion. Although essentially the same uniform the grenadiers had red accouterments  on their shakos and tunics, but were distinguished by a tall plume and "swallows nests" on their shoulders, again in red. The other distinguishing feature is the sword bayonet, which is slung from a cross belt across the shoulder. This means that the grenadiers had two cross-belts compared to one for the fusiliers. All of these features are captured on the Ros figures. Elite companies, which included grenadiers, tended to have more facial hair, that too is represented quite well on these miniatures. Here are samples from my old 1970s collection:

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