Thursday, 2 April 2015

British Artillery Update

Actually, I was wrong regarding the British Artillery Officer. The model is a different casting of a figure standing and pointing to the side, while the infantry officer is advancing pointing forwards.


  1. Bob

    My compliments on your blog - I have only just discovered it. I am very much in favour of raising the profile of the bigger Ros figures. I would be pleased to follow your blog publicly, but I do not wish to sign up for Google+. I have, however, listed it as one which I read, and I have taken the liberty of publicising your efforts in a post on my own blog, since I think this is exactly the sort of specialist blog that should be encouraged!

    Best regards - Tony

  2. Ditto from me. I think I may even have a few myself. I'll dig them out and send you some photos.

    Kind regards


  3. Hi Tony and Matthew. Thank you for your interest. I always welcome comment or corrections and would be delighted to receive any information, including pictures of Ros figures. I am keen to establish the contents of the complete range, especially to find out if all the listed figures were actually made. I am also short of information, pictures and samples of command figures. I am concentrating on the Napoleonic range right now but will move on to the ACW and Ancient figures when information is available. It is heartening to know that there are others that appreciate this short lived range. Bob

    1. Hi Bob - other than your pictures, I have only ever seen the figures I bought - I had British Line Inf (still around as my Chasseurs Britanniques) British Riflemen (who did a lengthy tour of duty as KGL Lights but are now gone) and I had trial packs of French, Prussian and Austrian infantry. Didn't care much for the French - distorted figure. I also had a pack of the French artillery - the gun was not great but the figures were OK. That's it, I'm afraid - I've never seen any cavalry or highlanders at all, so your pics are very interesting!

      Regards - Tony