Thursday, 19 February 2015

The Ros 25mm Figure Range

I have been trying to find an original list of the Ros 25mm figure range without success. However, I bought a secondhand copy of Military Modelling Magazine from February 1976, which must have been quite close to the demise of the range. An advertisement gives an indication of the range and includes mention of both ancient and American civil war figures. I wonder if the ancient figures were metal versions of the old Rospacks plastic figures? Does anyone know?

Here is the advert:


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  2. This is many months after the posting - I get there eventually. I've never seen a catalogue listing of these figures, so there's some surprises here. I also note that the advert seems to have omitted Ros's address - oops - where (we ask) are we to send our SAE....?

    An ad in Military Modelling would cost a bit, I guess - I hope they got some response.

    1. Again many months in response - this advert was taken from a page of items being advertised by one shop. Can't remember the name of the shop, but long gone.