Sunday, 30 October 2016

French Line Infantry Drummers

After months of nothing these two French line infantry drummers popped up. I am guessing they are part of French infantry command set, which would consist of a group of five - two officers, two drummers and a standard bearer. They came along with a handful of French line grenadiers:


  1. Bob - Good to see these fellows - in fact I think I have one of these in one of my (non-ROS) French battalions, but he has a replacement head. In fact I may have a reheaded officer too. I must check. I liked the potential (and the budget prices) of the ROS multi-packs, but I couldn't get to like those milk-churn sized French shakos at all.

    Thanks for this.

  2. Bob - me again - you may not be interested, and I may be mistaken anyway, but I think this eBay lot may be ROS Austrians...

    1. Yes, I too think they are Ros Austrians, however, they are a bit pricey and I have a heap of these figures already. Many thanks for alerting me though - good recognition on your part.