Sunday, 30 August 2015

Austrian Musketeer (Line Infantry)

The Ros Figures Austrian range is limited to just three figures: a Grenadier, a Musketeer and a Jager. So far I have only seen the Musketeer in the flesh. he wears the later Napoleonic uniform, with the shako which has peaks both fore and aft, rather than the earlier crested helmet. He wears gaiters, so I am guessing that he represents a German infantryman, as opposed to his Hungarian cousin. Well, that's how I have painted him!

I have seen pictures of the Austrian Grenadier, but have never seen the Jager and I would welcome any information about that figure. Here is the Musketeer:


  1. Nice work there Bob. Three figures? Shouldn't be that hard to put together a complete collection then.

    1. I am hunting for examples of the two remaining figures. The Grenadier should not be too difficult to locate, however, the jager I have never seen I am not even sure that it was ever produced.