Sunday, 19 July 2015

French Napoleonic Cuirassier

At first glance this figure looks like a standard Ros cavalry figure but after closer inspection the seeds of doubt were sown. First off, I could not find any references to a Cuirassier in the Ros range - although I remember buying some back in the 70s. Second; the horse looked a bit odd. Most telling was the lack of reins, common to all other Ros figures that I have. The figure itself looks right though and comparisons with others convince me that he is OK, but that horse? The base of the horse had been filed and was covered in old glue, but I could make out the letters N1 - but not in the Ros style. Here is the figure:

Fortunately I have samples of Ros French heavy cavalry horses and was able to do a comparison. When the two were put together it is clear, that although there are similarities in the pose, that this horse is not made by Ros, noting the size of the tail, larger rump and presence of reins:

After some research on line my conclusion is that my Ros Cuirassier is mounted on a horse probably made by Lamming. Makes you wonder if Ros used the Lamming horse as a model?

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  1. Interesting post - very strange business abut the horse - Lamming horses all had reins, and the little tail almost looks like an S-Range add-on. The pose is very similar, and the right-leg-leading stance for the galloping horse is pretty distinctive for Ros, but even the shape of the head is odd - in fact the head looks to me like a Les Higgins/PMD horse, though they had sticky-out tails. Interesting.